Jekyll and tags on GitHub Pages 08 Dec 2018

For the last little while I have been hosting this blog on GitHub Pages, generated using Jekyll. All that is well and good except GitHub Pages doesn’t properly support the jekyll-tagging plugin. Therefore tags on this site have been broken since the migration, until I found ]this blog post]( by Long Qian.

THe approach is rather simple and relies on pre-generating tag pages ahead of time, then committing those into the source repository. It requires a little extra in the way of a local pre-commit hook.

With tags fixed, here are some interesting tags which might be worth perusing:

  • alc - AIDS/LifeCycle 2019 training and fundraising blog posts
  • javascript - various tips and tricks from my server-side work with JavaScript.
  • cicd and jenkins cover much of my thoughts and work revolving around continuous delivery and Jenkins.