One of the most significant personal revelations I have had in the past five years has been around the relevance and importance of high-quality engineering management and leadership. From my observations, poor engineering leadership has a negative and cascading effect throughout the product development process, and can substantially improve or degrade the overall performance of the company. As I have previously written, I now appreciate how engineering leadership is a specific skill set which requires practice, growth, and it’s own specialization.

For my own growth, I have found books to be useful from the domains of: general management, executive management practices, leadership, and product management. I haven’t found much really compelling that is specific for engineering management and have instead resorted to pattern-matching and pilfering ideas from other industries. What I have found most useful have been books on general leadership practices and principles.

I prefer to think of my job as leadership not management. Management is what we do when we’re overseeing a complex machine. Leadership is what we do when we’re overseeing and working with complex groups of people. I find that helps reframe the job from pulling levers and pushing buttons, to one of politics and persuasion.

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This list is certainly not comprehensive and is wholly based on my opinion.

I am currently pulling together an informal group of remote engineering managers and leaders across companies. I’m hoping that by creating a peer-support group, we will be able to help each other grow and solve problems. If this strikes you as interesting, please email me (rtyler@) and say hello!