This past Saturday, with support from a number of my friends, I passed the first fundraising goal for AIDS/LifeCycle 2019! Cue riotous applause! Prior to my training ride I mentioned on Twitter that I was only six dollars away from my first goal, and by the time the ride was over, a couple hundred dollars had been donated! Hoorah! Each AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC) rider must raise at least $3,000 and thanks to the tremendous support from friends, family, and a quite a few folks on the internet, I am definitely riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June.

My training thus far has mostly been inside, due to more than a few rainy weekends this winter. But to date I’ve put about 220 miles in for January, and I’m on track to exceed that in February.

The ride over the weekend was an aggressive 75 minute “power zone” spin class, in which I covered approximately 25 miles, but that wasn’t really the goal. The goal was to build up my endurance to sustain a certain threshold of output for a longer period of time. While ALC is not a race, it is long. My legs need to be in good enough shape to put about 6-8 hours of riding in a day, for five straight days.

With this delightfully wet Northern California winter drawing to a close, I’m going to be heading out for more weekend outdoor rides. You’ll find me in my very fashionable lycra and riding over just about every corner of Sonoma county before ALC in June.

While the first fundraising goal has been met, that was my minimum. My target is $5,000 and if you have not already been kind enough to donate, I would really appreciate your support!**