Updated Debian packages for MirrorBrain 02 Mar 2019
mirrorbrain jenkins

The Jenkins project has long used Mirrorbrain, a great piece of software for running a high-traffic download site using redirect mirrors. We use it to transparently delegate traffic to a network of donated mirrosr, for downloading our Debian, Red Hat, and other packages of Jenkins and all of our plugins.

MirrorBrain was not originally packaged properly for our distribution of Ubuntu, and so long long ago I utilized the openSUSE Build Service (OBS) to provide packaging and a download repository for MirrorBrain on Ubuntu. With the recent distribution upgrade we rolled out across our production infrastructure the packages broke, much to my chagrin.

I dove back into using OBS and ended up re-packaging MirrorBrain for modern Debian-based distributions. On a lark, I sent a request upstream to help maintain the official packages for MirrorBrain and it was accepted.

Somehow I am now a maintainer of the MirrorBrain packaging and now MirrorBrain can be easily installed on newer Debian and Ubuntu distributions! You can find the appropriate download repository for your distribution here, and if you find anything wrong with the packages, please let me know via email to rtyler@!