Open Source Leadership Summit Keynote: Continuous Delivery 19 Mar 2019
cdf presentation jenkins

Last week we announced the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) at the 2019 Open Source Leadership Summit. Through a strange series of events I was fortunate to attend and participate in the “Continuous Delivery” keynote on the first day. Joining me on stage was Kohsuke (Jenkins), Kim and Christie (Tekton), Tracy (Jenkins X), and Andy (Spinnaker) to share a bit about the four initial projects joining the CDF.

Below is the full video from the keynote:

The entire launch of the CDF was quite an experience, but with the press briefings now finished, the hard work begins. We are migrating assets over, finalizing legal paperwork, and doing all of the needful behind the scenes things that go into structuring an organization like the Continuous Delivery Foundation.

Plenty of hard work ahead, but I’m happy to take a moment and consider all of the work that we have done as a group to get to this point.