Broam Chomsky

A number of years ago I was building out a product with a small team, like most teams I’ve worked with, an irreverent sense of humor emerged. One of my colleagues quite enjoyed using the term “bro” ironically; he certainly was the type of person who wouldn’t come within earshot of any group of people who might use the term with any level of seriousness. As the product started to take shape, we found ourselves in need of fake users in our test system. I’m not sure who created this first user, but the user’s fullName was set to “Test Bro.” Shortly thereafter another user was added: “Broam Chomsky.”

The wordplay obviously only got worse from there.

Some time later a complaint was filed from somebody outside the team about our “bro culture.” A comment which still strikes me as patently absurd, but nonetheless I was instructed to remove all of our beloved test users. Having enjoyed the puns created by every member of the team, I saved the list for posterity.

Some of them aren’t the best, but some continue to make me laugh. I would like to share the list with you now, such that the legacy of Broam Chomsky might live on.

  • Test Bro
  • Broam Chomsky
  • Vincent Van Bro
  • Teddy Broosevelt
  • Brobi-Wan Kenobi
  • Marco Brolo
  • Angelina Brolie
  • Scarlett Brohansen
  • Marilyn Monbroe
  • My Little Bronie
  • C 3PBro
  • Broba Fett
  • Bromeo and Juliet
  • My Chemical Bromance
  • Brooey Deschanel
  • Brono Bergher
  • James Monbroe
  • Kyle Broslowski
  • Sherlock Brolmes
  • Joseph Brosef
  • George Brostanza
  • Brosie O’Donnell
  • Jose Brose
  • David Browie
  • Mark Brown
  • Brodie Foster
  • Joe Brogan
  • Carl Brove
  • Shinbro Jomoto
  • Bronan the Adventuror
  • Bro Chonski
  • Bro Chonsky 2
  • Bro Chonsky 3
  • Lawrence Brolivier
  • Brometheus
  • MyTouch McBro
  • Test Bro RIP
  • Gene Brooks
  • Yo Bro
  • Bro Schmo
  • Oscar The Brouch
  • Laura Broomes
  • Eilidh Brown