I am a big fan of the open web and although I have enjoyed Twitter the platform has regressed in dramatic form and function since I first adopted it. I remember Twitter actively avoided building a walled garden with fantastic APIs and RSS feeds open to the public. Much of the popularity of the platform hinged upon the incredible third party applications and integrations developers like me built in the first five-ish years of its existence. Over time the site has strayed from open APIs and standards, and while I still enjoy Twitter, I want some more flexibility which is why you can now subscribe to my microblog with any RSS-capable client.

Microblogging is basically RSS with a slight change in conventions to support more Twitter-style postings, with a somehow sillier name. When I was exploring the concept, I came across numerous posts of folks trying out microblogging only to find that their feeds had gone very stale. They couldn’t bridge the gap between their existing community in sites like Twitter with their microblog set up. This excludes some users I have seen on micro.blog, but I’m not about to pay $5/month for something that primitive.

My set up is built around me existing blog (you’re reading it!) with some tweaks to make it easier to author microblog entries. I then integrated twitter-together to ensure that my microblog posts are duplicated automatically into my Twitter account. Not everything I post to Twitter goes through my Microblog however, replies and retweets don’t make much sense to me outside of the context of Twitter. But practically anything I would typically share via my desktop I can now broadcast via both channels!

Subscribe to my microblog, or don’t, it’s a free internet after all. :)