This week is Data and AI Summit at which I am speaking, but I’m already looking past it at Delta Hack: 2021. My interest in using Delta Lake has been steadily increasing since we started delta-rs and I’m finding more and more use-cases for our recently introduced writer support. Delta Hack (#deltahack) will be an opportunity to really dive into some more complex problems that cannot be solved in an hour or two after work.

Delta Hack: 2021 is a virtual hackathon bringing developers from around the world together to use and improve the Delta Lake project. The future is open and in this hackathon you and your fellow developers can build new open source software, contribute to improving tools, or generate novel open data sets to expand the Delta Lake open source ecosystem.

The official dates for the hackathon are from June 10-12th (Thurs-Sat) and of course everything will be online.

This is the first time Denny and I have organized a hackathon together and it is..decidedly low budget. Regardless the goal of the event is to increase contribution to the Delta Lake project in all its subprojects and create some great video content for our Delta Lake YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in learning how Delta Lake works or are keen to learn how to write Rust, Scala, etc, do join us for three days of videos, chat on Slack, and pull requests on GitHub!