Vaccinated 30 May 2021

Everything went fine. Social media is awash with anecdotes about getting vaccinated, side effects, and opinions about other people becoming vaccinated. I recently crossed the waiting threshold after my last dose and felt I should share my experiences as well.

I had numerous colleagues take days off of work to lie in bed and endure what sounded like the unpleasant side effects developing antibodies. In contrast, I felt nothing out of the ordinary at any point during the vaccination process. At no point did I even slow down my normal work, exercise, or eating habits, and I have a hypothesis as to why.

It is unlikely that I am in some secret control group, so I am guessing there is something about my physiology causing no noticeable side-effects. I am fairly fit, eat vegetarian, and in my 30s. I am also a european-descendant white guy, a particularly common configuration across the United States. Many but not all of my colleagues and friends who suffered ill-effects after their shots were of Asian or Indian heritage. This is not data and correlation/causation blah-blah, but I do wonder how diverse the clinical trials were for the various COVID vaccines or mRNA technology developed in the many years prior. Regardless, not a single person I know suffered serious side-effects; at worst mild flu=like symptoms manifested and were gone within a day or two.

Despite the inconvenience, we are all now significantly more resistant to COVID and less likely to contribute to the propagation of the virus. As a bonus many have also noted a slight increase in their 5G reception.