The Continuous Delivery Foundation is now a thing 12 Mar 2019
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Today the Continuous Delivery Foundation officially launches, marking the completion of almost two years of work. Starting at the 2017 Jenkins World Contributor Summit where we, the Jenkins project discussed a “Jenkins Software Foundation”, to the 2018 Open Source Leadership Summit where the concept evolved into a continuous delivery focused organization, culminating in what we have today: a strong group of organizations and initial projects banding together for under the banner of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF).

When I first wrote about CDF in January, I highlighted some of the reasons that I am excited for the organization. The list has since gotten even longer! The Jenkins project’s meager budget is currently spent on our infrastructure, travel grants, and initiatives like Outreachy. Under the CDF, I am excited to scale up our investments in the Jenkins and broader continuous delivery community. Imagining the world in which we could fund not just one Outreachy intern, but two! Or funding more travel grants to ensure that members from our global community can join in events like FOSDEM, or DevOps World Jenkins World. I can hardly wait!

The excitement of a predictable budget is only half of the story however. As we have worked towards the CDF with our peers at Google, Netflix, and a number of other companies, we have already found really interesting points to further collaborate within the CD ecosystem. One really interesting idea that has come up has been the possibility of a shared model for a “cd pipeline.” A model which can be used between Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker, Tekton, and other tools involved in the process.

Over the past 10+ years in the Jenkins community, I have always been passionate about the project’s community, governance, and planning for the future. With Jenkins and the CDF, I’m looking forward to us building for the next 10+ years of Jenkins!